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How to Use

1.Turning The Hover Ball On/Off

Shake The Hover Ball once to turn on the propellers. The Hover Ball will turn off by itself when not in use.

2. Making The Hover Ball Levitate/Hover

Delicately placing your hand underneath Hover Ball will make it hover just above your hand. Moving your hand closer to/ farther away from The Hover Ball will make it hover higher and lower respectively. This can be done using your feet and almost any other object. Remember, practice makes perfect!


3. Making The Hover Ball Boomerang/Return after being Thrown

While keeping Hover Ball in the upright direction, gently thrust Hover Ball away from you and slightly upward (30° upward). Thrust it in a way that does not change the axis of Hover Ball (It will not come back to you if it is rotating from the throw). Hover Ball will return to you if the top is tilted towards you. Start off with small thrusts away from you. Once again, practice makes perfect! This feature is the most fun part of playing with Hover Ball. It will take some practice, but the fun part is in getting it right!


4. Dropping The Hover Ball and Getting it to Return to Your Hand Using Your Foot

While standing up, let go of The Hover Ball. It will slowly drop to your feet. Very lightly tap (do not kick) the bottom of The Hover Ball with your foot and it will hover upwards back to your hand. Be careful when using your feet, as kicking The Hover Ball with a lot of force may damage it.

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